Veritas Medical Solutions


We worked with Veritas Medical Solutions to create a scaled architectural model of a hospital. The model was created using a combination of 3D printing, Laser Cutting and a little craftsmanship. The scale architectural model was 3D printed with three separate technologies ( SLS Nylon , SLA Resin & FDM Bioplastic ) to achieve the large and small scale props within the the model. We created a clear acrylic top and wood base to protect the model while it was showcased in Boston, MA.

This model needed additional post processing to bring out the architectural details. We manufactured the model in multiple pieces and assembled it by glueing, sanding & painting. The project was a challenge and came out with such amazing results. We personally delivered the model to the event in Boston, MA and surprised Veritas Medical Solutions who had only seen the whole process take place over photos from inside our studio.

architectural scale model 3d printing laser cutting
3d print laser cut architectural scale model
architectural scale model 3d printed