Still Alive Lights: Solar Flower


Using innovative solar technology, Still Alive Lights developed a unique piece of sustainable art that doubles as a light.  Working closely, we've developed a smart manufacturing process that has led to discoveries with material research and production efficiency.




A Lighting company that brings art to life.

Still Alive Lights was created with the simple idea that turning a light on and off is not enough. We engage every user in the process of illuminating art -- turning a SolarFlower towards a window to charge from the sun, rotating the pedals of a BikeLight to produce energy, or activating the love in a BearLight by kissing him on the nose. We use innovative technologies and sustainable materials to design and manufacture lights that tell stories. They educate, inspire and spark wonder.

Our variety of products -- from floor and table lamps to pendants and chandeliers -- offer high-end design at affordable prices. By collaborating with a team of top designers, partners and sellers who share our vision, we ensure that everyone can enjoy beautiful things.