How to design a product with 3D Brooklyn

We exist to bridge the gap between people and the technology shaping their world. This page covers the basics of making a product or prototype with our team.



Why design your product with 3D Brooklyn?

3D Brooklyn is a full-service 3D printing, 3D design, and prototyping company that creates solutions for entrepreneurs, makers, and small businesses that want to make their ideas into reality.

What is product design? 

3D Product design is the creation of a product in a virtual environment such the product has three dimensions (height, width, depth). The result is a digital prototype of your product, one you can explore in detail. Prototypes enable us to test our ideas quickly and cheaply. To within days or even hours, go from many potential solutions, down to three, than one.


Good process is the key to creating good prototypes. 

When starting any project, we recommend starting with a piece of paper and a pencil. Or maybe a whiteboard and marker. Or a chalkboard and piece of chalk. Anything temporary, light, raw. Working with media like these helps you focus on the idea. Finding flaws, refining solutions, and making decisions.

We offer free in-studio and virtual meetings to go over your project before spending any money. You can also contact us by phone (347-637-7599) or the contact page.  

You've seen us turn tons of our ideas into reality, and now we want to help you do the same! We're going to provide design + prototype packages and are kicking it off by giving them away to our Instagram followers for free. We're picking our favorite.jpg


3D design consists of many iterations and prototypes.

You work directly with our designers to create your custom product or prototype to exactly your specifications. You will be sent examples of your 3D model like the one you see here. 

Add notes and iterate through the design process. At any point you can have a prototype made to check form and fit. We have 3D printers in-house to speed up this process. 

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