Individuals have access to affordable manufacturing technology for the first time in history and the barrier to entry into manufacturing has never been lower.

At 3D Brooklyn, we provide affordable access to all the knowledge and tools people need to begin making products for themselves. 

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Will Haude

Co-Founder & Chief Creative

Tinkerer from birth, raised by artists and schooled in design. Self branded freelancer and creative turned product designer & business owner. Has created over 200 inventions & products with numerous awards and mentions in the 3D printing industry. 


Daniel Figur

Co-Founder, Marketing & Sales

Responsible for all facets of marketing, including market research, product development, branding, loyalty management, e-commerce, advertising, promotions, lead generation, and sponsorships. I developed, implemented and oversaw the overall advertising creative, from philosophy through concept to copy, including developing digital marketing strategies through multiple channels to achieve business goals and drive 3D Brooklyn’s digital marketing strategy including the effective use of social media.

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Jhocelyn Oyola Figueroa

Search Engine Marketing Analyst & Content Marketing Strategist

Planned and executed marketing strategies for a 3D Printing startup in Brooklyn, New York. I was part of initial content creation, brand story and placement in search and social networks.I manage Adwords & Facebook advertising campaigns for each or our services and reach new audiences for our local services. Tracking of marketing objectives, data from Google Analytics and SEM analytics a softwares. Increasing conversion rates and optimize budgets across all marketing channels


Nate Kolbeck

Co-Founder & Sales

2X startup founder. Acquired & managed business with over 20 Fortune 500 companies. Production & technical experience on over 20 feature films. Engineering experience with over 50 different camera systems, 3D printers, and various other desktop fabrication technologies.