Pidgin Doll


Our studio is located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn New York. Here we are surrounded by many artists and friends, one of whom is Joshua McKenney - the artist behind the Pidgin doll. We’ve been working with Joshua for years and wish him the best of luck on his journey out west to L.A.!

Pidgin is the brainchild of New York fashion-illustrator-turned-doll-maker Joshua David McKenney.  A reinvention of the fashion doll, Pidgin is a medium for the language of style.  Pidgin's fluid appearance makes her the perfect channel for creative expression: through the artful application of hair, paint, and garments, Pidgin can assume an infinite number of looks.  Yet her classic, unchanging sculpt ensures her constancy as a style icon.   Since her debut in late 2012, Pidgin has emerged with surprising force as an artistic muse and fashion icon.