Chrysanthemum Mirror


We 3D printed these dolls that she digitally sculpted and then finished in post with sanding and painting. 

Bioplastic, wood & mixed media
19X25X4 Inches

An original artist who creates moody storybook imagery in the 3-D form be it with resin, fabric, or by her own breath and body; imagery that confounds the average mind with its sense of wonderment, fantasy, and charm and that calls out to us from the world of dark whimsy. Within the human form, Pasha Setrova finds beauty, mystery, and strangeness. With these discoveries, along with inspiration taken from everything from modern day fashion, textiles, pop culture, her own nomadic childhood history in the tundras of Siberia to her past work as a unsatisfied model in Europe, to her personal battles with schizophrenia, Pasha Setrova blends her eclectic experiences together and breaths life into exotic characters that seem to peer out from their frozen selves.

Born in Russia, Pasha gained acclamation there for her brilliant work before leaving for the US in 2011. Pasha now resides and works in NYC. Her work has featured internationally in exhibitions in the US, Russia, Japan, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Germany, with more to come.

Pasha has been featured in the likes of MTV, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Tatler, Fashion Collection, Time Out, Grazia, InStyle, Hello!, Fashion Report, Fashion Collection, OK!, Moscow Where, L’Etoile, Profashion, L’Officiel, People, Russian Chicago, WTF?, Snob, Tape, and many others.

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