NYC Train Sign

How To Create A Product Prototype

Never miss your ride again with this custom LED display sign for your home or business.

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Prototyping a Marketable Product

NYC Train Signs are a personalized live feed of the train arrivals and departures at your local metro subway station. Your sign is custom-programmed to your subway stop, showing up to two train times in either direction. You can also add custom messages or announcements through a web dashboard built just for you.

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From Concept Model to Manufacturable Prototype

We designed the frames for the NYC Train Signs to be manufactured with FDM 3D Printers. Keeping the frame minimal for cost purposes but structural enough to hold two separate LED panels. The electronics posed the biggest challenge of the project but luckily the LED panels had threaded holes that allowed us to screw the enclosure to the panels tightly with mechanical screws. This device incorporates many learnable aspects of technology, including coding, hardware, public networks data and how to apply it practically in your hands. NYC Train Sign’s goal is to get these into schools, cafes, restaurants and workshops as affordable hacker units - your stop, your line, your size.

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A word from the designer

“It was exciting to work on something that had to actually function in a consumer facing location. So the user experience really has to be there from efficient manufacturing to easy assembly and smart installation in bars or restaurants. To keep it versatile, the enclosure has angled rails that slide into a wall mount or table mount. Working with electronics also made the project unique because everything really has to hold in place and remain accessible for assembly, repairs, and updates. Luckily Tim is a great collaborator and made the entire process exciting as we both worked out the necessities and options we were working with”

Will Haude - Chief Creative Officer

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 3D Brooklyn & Timothy Woo

3D Brooklyn & Timothy Woo