Inner Ear Model & Educational Tool



3D Printed Inner Ear Model

We’re used to creating functional product prototypes for clients, but working with a scan of an organ was a nice shakeup. It was the perfect application for combining 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. As well as a great visual aid for something that would otherwise have to be imagined. The end result is a functional and educational medical device to help guide patients through necessary motions needed to relieve vertigo. CAD programs aren’t the right tool for this project. For a realistic model with accurate proportions, 3D scanning along with some 3D modeling programs allowed us to clean up the model and add specific features to help call out certain sections of the organ.

The original 3D printable model was created by NIH using Magnetic Resonance Imaging to map a patient's vestibular organ. This process created an exact replica of the organ that accurately depicted every detail. We helped refine the model, scale it up and create an innovative tool for our client to sell to her patients as an educational product.

Vestibular Today are the brains behind this whole concept! 

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