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Looking to take your idea to the next level? We provide product design, CAD modeling, prototyping, and small-run manufacturing at our studio in Brooklyn, NY. Just fill out this form to get started! 

You've seen us turn tons of our ideas into reality, and now we want to help you do the same! We're going to provide design + prototype packages and are kicking it off by giving them away to our Instagram followers for free. We're picking our favorite.jpg


We are experts at making your idea a reality. Come by our studio to meet with a designer, get your hands on the different material options and see the machines in action! Click the link below to schedule a meeting.




How to get a prototype made with 3D Brooklyn?

Well, sketches or references definitely help but aren't 100% necessary. If you don’t have design and engineering experience, it’s still possible to get started right away.

- Create a Product or Prototype - Fill out a form with your project details

- Schedule a Meeting - Free Consultation

- Call us at 347-637-7599 - Speak with our experts.

If you're looking to get something printed click here to get startedand then click on the order a 3D print to upload a file.

Do you have an NDA?

We have a mutual NDA that can be filled out online - Click here to fill out our Mutual NDA.

Next Steps: We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our services. You can setup a remote phone call or an in person meeting at our studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn NY.

How do I make a product with 3D Brooklyn?

We can help from at almost any stage of concept, design, production and an even little content marketing! If you have an idea you can start by setting up a meeting or giving us a call. We can then go over your project and give you a rough idea on cost and timeframe.

We have two design rates depending on the complexity. With most projects, we include the cost of printing your first prototype into the design estimate.

3D Modeler - $95/hour
Product Design - $175/hour,

What are the next steps?
Once we begin the design process, we'll share notes back and forth until you're happy. You can see an example of what the 3D rendering will look like here: 3D Product Rendering Once you approve the design, we move on to manufacturing!

Here are a couple examples of our recent projects

Case Studies: Clash of Clans - Expert Drones - Vikings 3D Prophecy


How much does 3D design cost?

We have two design rates depending on the complexity of the project

3D Modeler - $95 per hour
Product Design - $175 per hour

This can also include a free print of your prototype.

How long does 3D design take?

3D Modeler: 1 to 3 days
Product Design: 1 to 4 weeks

What’s the difference between 3d modeling and 3d printing?

3D modeling is the creation of a design in a digital program and 3d printing is the physical rendering of that 3d model.

Can you create a replica of an object from a photo or video?

We've done projects like this before and our designers can sculpt from almost any image. Each project has its own challenges so it always helps to capture and share any photos or scans you have of the object so we can take a look and get you a quote.

NEXT STEPS: [Fill out our Start a project form][2] and upload any assets that will help us understand your project.

Do you offer 3D scanning services?

Yes, we do! We have a high-resolution scanner that starts at $100 for a large scan. If you wanted a super high-resolution scan (probably not necessary) it starts at a range of $150-$500.

One thing to also consider, your project may not need 3D scanning and it could be more cost effective to 3D model from scratch. It's best to schedule a studio meeting or phone call to go over your project so we can let you know what will be most cost effective for your project.


Can I get a quick 3D Printing Quote?

Yes! Head over to this link and click on the the - Order a 3D Print Button. - upload your 3D print file and receive a quote with turnaround time.

How soon can I get it done?

1-2 days for FDM Plastic
3-4 days for SLA Resin
4-7 days for SLS Nylon

What file formats do you accept?

STL or OBJ files are the best formats for us to get you a quick 3D printing quote. Dont worry through if you don’t have that type of file, we can still work with many different file formats to get you a quote.

NEXT STEPS: Click here to get a quote or start a new project.

Do you 3D Print High Definition miniatures?

Yes, we do. Click here to see more of our high definition projects.

What is your price to print?

Standard PLA rate is $0.25 per gram. We don't print in ABS. ($10 File prep fee)

Formlabs SLA High Definition resin starts at $1.00 per ml. ($20 File prep fee)

NEXT STEPS: Click here to get a quote or start a new project.

What's the biggest size you can print?

HIGH RESOLUTION RESIN 3D PRINTERS We can 3D print a part up to 5.7 x 5.7 x 6.9 inches.

FDM 3D PRINTERS The largest part on our standard plastic printers is 11" x 6" x 6". We do have large-format printers that can do 13" x 12" x 10" as well as 14" x 14” x 24" . And then there are the industrial 3D-printers that can go to just about any size but those get very expensive.

Do you offer post processing and custom fabrication?

Yes, we've done many projects that have a little custom fabrication involved and we're used to adding electronics and raspberry pi's to 3D printed prototypes as well as go-to-market products.

CASE STUDIES: Veritas Medical Solutions - W Hotels


Is it possible to create a product using biodegradable or recycled materials?

Yes, on our FDM printers we 3D print in PLA and recycled PET (available in a variety of colors and strengths). If we don’t have it, we'll order it. We also offer other materials like TPU, Ninjaflex as well as other specialty filaments.

Inquire about 3D printing in speaclity filaments on the Start a project page or start a chat (click on the box in the lower right of your screen)

PLA: Starting at $0.25 per gram Resin: Starting at $1.00 per ml

CASE STUDIES: Solar Flower - RefilUSA Recycled Filament - Potato Chip Bag Filament

What materials do you have for high resolution 3D printing?

We carry all Formlabs standard resins (Grey, White, Black and Clear) as well as specialty materials for the Form 2 3D Printer.

Castable Resin - Tough - Durable - Flexible - High Temperature - Dental

Download all Data sheets for Formlabs Engineering Resins

Do you print food? (Chocolate, Candy, Etc)

We don't have chocolate 3D-printers in house. And in general, that technology is still in the early days. The other option is to 3D-print a "positive" (basically any shape) and then use that to create a PET mold that you can use to pour chocolate into.

There is a place in Manhattan that "3D-prints" gummies... Dylan's Candy Bar


How does payment work?

We will send a link and you can pay with a credit card or Paypal account.

Could you create silicone 3d molds?

We can create the 3D model (positive) and a mold can be created by either pouring silicone or vacuum forming from PET sheets.

I need to do a patent search does 3DBK provide that service?

No, we don’t

Are there any career opportunities at 3D Brooklyn?

Yes! We’re always building our team and need help. Please send all resumes and job inquiries to
We will follow up with you.