Blog - Bottle Blue


Finally it’s here! We have been wanting to make blue PET filament for some time now, just to make the case against selling bottled water in one time use bottles. We hope one day people will stop selling bottled water and just drink tap water. But till then let’s print with it.

Blue PET filament recycled 3d printing filament

It’s based on the Spa bottles and many other (blue) ones and the finish is glossy and transparent. We love it and hope you do too. The material has a spectacular blue finish and it prints like charm! Check out the awesome Deltaprintz 3d printer made from our blue (and smoky grey) filament.

We’re proud to say it’s up to 90% recycled! After extensive testing and optimizing we have created a premium quality recycled filament. Each spool has an extremely unique translucent color that’s directly based on the bottles recycled in the batch. Our recycled PET filament prints really easy. It's strong, flexible and almost no warping. Furthermore it's a very clean plastic, meaning that it's food contact acceptable (FCA) and you won't have any smell during printing.

We offer our filament in both 1,75 mm and 2,85 mm diameter. We print at 225° C with a heated platform of 70° C. For smaller objects a heated platform is not required.

Blue PET 3d printer filament