Refil- high quality recycled 3D printer filament is now available in the US via Refil USA


3D Brooklyn announced today the availability of high quality recycled 3D printer filament in the U.S. via Refil USA. Refil USA is a new partnership between US-based 3D Brooklyn and Dutch sustainable design studio Better Future Factory.


“Refil recycled 3D printer filament empowers people to stop consuming disposable plastic products made from fossil fuels, and instead begin making products for themselves using recycled Materials.” said Nate Kolbeck, Cofounder & CEO of 3D Brooklyn. “This continues 3D Brooklyn’s commitment to bringing sustainable manufacturing technologies to our customers.”


3D printing is one of today’s trendiest new technologies, Refil USA is aiming to make it a sustainable one as well. Why continue to use new plastics, when there’s so much old plastic to Re-use? When you print with this filament you make everything you print a fully recycled product.


refil recycled 3d printing filament brooklyn

At present, most plastic waste is perceived as valueless, it ends up in landfills or incinerators. Only a small fraction of the plastic waste is recycled. Unfortunately, a lot of discarded plastic ends up in our rivers, oceans (so called “plastic soup”), forests and even in animals. Plastic waste is contributing to climate change while interfering with our food chains and broader ecosystems. Moreover, plastic is made from oil, and this resource isn’t infinitely available. It’s time that we take responsibility and make smarter use of our resources. It’s time to change the ways we make, consume and recycle objects that make up the world around us.


“Sustainability can’t be an excuse for bad quality, therefore we focus strongly on quality.” or “We are proud to join forces with 3D Brooklyn to reduce the plastic waste around the world” says Casper vd Meer Ceo Refil , Co-founder Better Future Factory.


Refil USA now offers 3D printer filament that is fully recycled, with a quality that is comparable or exceeds premium non-recycled Filaments. Refil USA is proud to announce the immediate availability of Refil recycled PET filament made from old PET packaging and Refil recycled ABS filament made from car dashboards. The filament comes on a unique and fully recyclable cardboard spool. Refil recycled filament is available for purchase today in the U.S. at and on